Tuesday, 22 March 2011

THYX debut single "Into the Realm"

The mind.in.a.box sideproject THYX releases their debut single "Into the Realm".

It seems that Stefan Poiss, the mastermind behind mind.in.a.box, was getting bored in his studio because now there is a second electronic music project out there penned by him. Big arrangement, sci-fi atmosphere and a very unique sound were the trademarks by mind.in.a.box and made them famous in the Gothic/Electro scene. The sideproject THYX, which was founded by Stefan Poiss in January this year, stays very electronic but gives the sound a more experimental touch without loosing the catchy tunes and atmosphere.

"Into the Realm" is, according to Stefan Poiss, a very emotional driven debut.
A snippet from this single is online now at the THYX webpage.
Digital-only Release. Available at Online-Musicstores like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify,...

Homepage: http://www.thyxmusic.com/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thyxmusic/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thyxmusic/

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Infest 26-28.08.2011

В августе 2011 года mind.in.a.box выступят на 3-дневном фестивале альтернативной электронной музыки Infest в Англии.
Билеты уже можно приобрести на официальном сайте фестиваля.
Более подробная информация на нашем сайте появится позже.

Official website

Dependent Club Anthems

25 февраля состоялся релиз сборника изданных лейблом Dependent лучших клубных треков таких групп, как mind.in.a.box, Covenant, Rotersand, Suicide Commando, VNV Nation, Dismantled, Edge Of Dawn, Pride And Fall, Seabound and Straftanz.

Треклист и более подробную информацию можно найти на сайте Dependent Records.